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Submissions for McCall’s Quilting Spring ’25

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Spring Surprise

Hi quilters! Are you ready to think about spring? Its arrival takes me by surprise every year; after the long, cold months of winter, it’s almost shocking to see green shoots emerging from the ground and color bursting forth as life emerges from stasis. That joyful surprise is what sparked our theme for this issue—Spring Surprise! Let’s add exciting, unexpected details into our quilt designs this spring, like a pop of contrasting color, an unusual technique, dimensional elements, inclusion of uncommon materials or trims, an unconventional layout or composition, a traditional block design enhanced with a striking updated twist, or a quilt design whose construction is not immediately apparent and will surprise quilters with its cleverness and ease. We’d love to see your quilt ideas that honor the color, growth, and life of spring flora and fauna, and all the better if you can add a unique, surprising element to a classic spring quilt design!

Looking ahead, we’re also interested in featuring a year-long wall-hanging series with a seasonal theme; four pieces total to be patterned in each issue of the year—spring, summer, fall, and winter. Please share your original, creative ideas for quilts that represent each of the seasons in a coordinating wall hanging group, expressing both your style and everything you love about each season.

Submission Guidelines

We are so excited to share this news with you and we hope that you will submit a design. Please send a diagram, drawing, or photo of your unpublished idea to [email protected] by July 15, 2024, along with the completed Submissions Form (available here). Once accepted, we will work with you directly to choose fabrics that you love and get you in touch with the fabric manufacturers to supply fabrics. The finished quilts are due September 16, 2024. This issue will be on sale in January 2025.

About McCall’s Quilting:

McCall’s Quilting is all about customizing your quilts to your lifestyle, and then actually using them. With timely seasonal inspiration and alternate pattern layouts, McCall’s makes it easy for quilters to enhance their lives with quilts.

Happy quilting!
Gigi Levsen

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