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Scrappy Winter Quilts Like Grandma Used to Make

I want to show you a very special quilt. The construction isn’t great, all the brown background squares are not the same size or even the same color of brown, the points don’t always match, the light-colored bobbin thread used for the quilting is pulled up to the top in places, and I don’t even like brown…but to me, this is still an exceptional quilt.

My Grandma Brown/Mom Quilt

A number of years ago, my mother gave me this brown quilt and told me its story. The top was in my Grandma Brown’s things when she passed. Mom took it home and it just sat for a number of years. But eventually, Mom decided to finish it. She added the borders and then machine quilted it with feather stitches on most of the seams. Mom said she decided to quilt it that way to reinforce the seams that were crooked and narrow in places.

Grandma Brown’s quilts were always scrappy. I don’t remember ever seeing one of her quilts that were anything else.

When I look at quilt patterns, the scrappy ones or the ones that could be changed to scrappy are the ones that appeal to me the most. I’ve made quilts that used a collection of fabric—but my favorites are nearly always scrappy. So now, I’m looking at quilts to snuggle under. Maybe it will be a mild winter but here in Colorado, January and February are usually the coldest months of the year. I’ve no reason to expect anything else.

I’m ready to start a quilt and I can usually finish one in two weekends so I’m looking at Quilting Daily for scrappy quilts like Grandma used to make. I want it to be big enough to cuddle under on the cold days that I’m betting will be here soon.

I had to laugh when I found this blog of mine on the website—It’s two years old and I was talking about my love of scrap quilts. I guess I haven’t changed my mind.

I fell in love with Scrap Vortex by Abigail Dolinger when I first saw it. It’s a top contender.

Scrap Lattice is another pattern that I’m considering. I like that the background is pieced but still reads as negative space so it’s a place for the quilting to shine. And I always love blue quilts. But if you wanted to make it you could make it whatever color you want.

I love the pinwheel quilt on the cover of the eBook Scrap Quilts I could use every color in the rainbow. And the background could be something other than white if I wanted to do that. Hmmmm.

The image that I see with Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Quilts Workshop is really exciting to me. I’m going to have to investigate that workshop.

The really bad part of looking at patterns (for me anyway) is that I just want to go start sewing RIGHT NOW! But I guess I better wait until the end of my work day.

I’m going to have fun in my studio and use some of my scraps at the same time. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until the weekend to start. How about you? Is there a scrap quilt in your future?

Happy Quilting!!!