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Quilting Arts TV – Series 100

4TGYT583HQVT.png-60x60 Quilting Arts TV Series 100

Quilting Arts TV is a national Public Television program hosted by Quilting Arts Magazine’s founder, Pokey Bolton. Offering something for everyone who loves quilting, the show is where art and embellishment meet traditional quilt making. Join us every week as we cover a variety of fiber art and mixed-media techniques—from sewing, surface design, and embellishing to hand and machine stitching—as well as projects that you can make on your own, including bags, wearables, and home décor. Current and past seasons are available on DVD. Check your local PBS listings to find out when episodes of Quilting Arts TV are airing in your area.


QATV Series 100 Episode Details

Stream previous episodes of Quilting Arts TV at Quiltingcompany.com or purchase QATV 100 as an instant download.

Also included in this set are episodes 101, 102, and 103. Additional detail is not currently available for these episodes.

Quilting Arts TV Episode 104
January 25, 2011
104 Landscape Quilts

Learn the tricks quilt artists use to create impressive landscape quilts. First Laura Cater-Woods helps make a whimsical landscape quilt.  Then she returns with accordion-style landscapes.  Next, Shelly Stokes creates the illusion of mountains, hills, trees and clouds with paint sticks and freezer paper stencils. Plus even more!

Quilting Arts TV Episode 105
January 25, 2011
105 Free-motion Quilting and Machine Needle-felting 

Free-motion quilting allows you to draw with your needle while machine needle-felting transforms everyday bits of fibers into beautiful, textural designs. First up is machine needle felting.  Then, featured guest Joyce Drexler demonstrates free-motion quilting at its best with beautiful threads. Plus even more!

Quilting Arts TV Episode 106
January 25, 2011
106 Pictorial Quilts

Learn to make faces—creative self-portraits and quilts with figures, done with fabric, stitch, and embellishment. It’s hard to keep from smiling when you create your own self-portrait.  Then it’s guest Pam RuBert, her feature quilt tells a whole story without words. Plus even more!

Quilting Arts TV Episode 107
January 25, 2011
107 Quilting Every Day

Experienced artists in every discipline know that creating a little art every day is a great way to hone skills and find inspiration. We start out with baseball card-sized artist trading cards; they are little and quick and great way to practice skills.  Plus even more!

Quilting Arts TV Episode 108
January 25, 2011
108 Photo Fabric Collage

Manipulating photos on the computer is a growing area of quilt design. New software and scanners are making it easier than ever to change the size, color, and tone of your photos and then transfer them to fabric. First Lesley Riley combines prints and colors for fabric collage. Plus even more!

Quilting Arts TV Episode 109
January 25, 2011
109 Home Décor

Home Décor is using the techniques you’ve learned for quilts and applying them to decorating projects.  First, show off quilting skills on easy yet artful coasters.  Then join Carol Ingram for felted bowls sure to find a home in any décor.  Plus even more!

Quilting Arts TV Episode 110
January 25, 2011
110 Quilted Collage—Getting Scrappy

This program shows how to turn scraps into wonderful quilted collaged quilts using rubber stamps, sticky-backed fabric, and other bits and pieces of materials.  First up explore fabric rubberstamping – what to think about when stamping on fabric how to make your own stamps.   Plus even more!

Quilting Arts TV Episode 111
January 25, 2011
111 Text Messaging

Writing on your quilts not only adds texture and interest, but can literally help get the message across. This show presents simple ways to add text to your quilts using the computer; hand-stitching, gel pens, markers, and lots more. Plus even more!

Quilting Arts TV Episode 112
January 25, 2011
112 Tools of the Trade

Needle and thread will always be essential to quilting, but today, an art quilter’s tool box also includes heat guns, stabilizers, and a myriad of other products and devices designed to achieve unusual effects and to make your quilting easier.. First, learn how to use a tool to slash and burn fabric. Then, feature guest Michele Muska offers a fresh look at yo yo’s made from embroidered silk and cotton. Andrea Bishop takes ordinary pictures to picturesque by adding just one stitch. Then it’s basic machine quilting with Sue Hausmann; how to prep your quilt, what feet to use, and different quilt styles to choose from. Last up Beryl Taylor is back with a special technique for freemotion stitching.

Quilting Arts TV Episode 113
January 25, 2011
113 Flower Power

Nature is a great source of inspiration for our quilting projects. First, we go from a floral photo to a funky wholecloth flower quiltlet that blossoms with color. Then featured guest Robbie Joy Eklow displays a small quilt in her graphic style. Then Andrea Bishop shows us how to use a wreath-maker template to create petals on our computer. Then its beautiful bindings with Sue Hausmann who shows us a professional finish to your first art quilt. Last up artist, Francis Holliday Alford introduces us to her unique style featuring flowers.

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