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Needle-Turn Appliqué with Jan Patek Online Interactive Workshop

Instructor Jan Patek’s whimsical style comes to light in this quilt from the artist herself! In this online interactive workshop, she will walk you through each step of her basic appliqué stitch technique. As well as the process of making perfect inside and outside points and perfectly smooth-edged curves. When you’re through you’ll never find applique intimidating again! Plus, you’ll have a fun folk-inspired quilt you will be proud to show off.

You’ll learn countless appliqué tips to create this beautiful quilt.

Here is a breakdown of what each lesson in the course:

Lesson 1: Getting Started- Jan discusses the various techniques you’ll be able to master by the end of this course. The Pleasant Grove Primer Quilt was specifically designed to contain all of the elements of freezer paper needle-turn appliqué.

Lesson 2: Top & Side Borders- Jan shows how to prepare freezer paper templates, create perfect circles using needle-turned appliqué, hand sew appliqué scallops that overlap and baste stitch edges and understand their importance.

Lesson 3: Larger Circles & Stars- Jan shares how to place appliqué perfectly center, Identify the best place to start sewing on a star, create sharp outside points of a star, create sharp inside points of star, understand how to place a stay stitch and why and understand what extra pieces of fabric to clip and why. 

Lesson 4: Schoolhouse Block- Jan will show how to baste straight lines, appliqué windows and doors, understand when to use a glue stick when ironing, place windows evenly, and remove freezer paper after appliquéing.

Lesson 5: Pineapples & Stars Block- Jan shows how to create inner and outer curves with smooth lines, identify if a stitch is too close to an edge and what to do, understand when to baste stitch, and use your needle to ‘turn’ the fabric. 

These are some of the blocks you will learn to create in this workshop.

Lesson 6: Baskets Block- Jan will shares how to understand where to begin a baste stitch for easy removal. 

Lesson 7: Cat Block- You’ll learn how to understand when not to cut between small spaces (i.e. avoid fraying), sew a very small circle; for animal eyes, choose the right location to begin sewing based on difficult curves in an object, and understand when not to use glue and why. 

Lesson 8: Square Within a Square Block- You’ll learn how to sew a perfect square with crisp straight edges ans identify when to cut larger seam allowances. 

Lesson 9: Pumpkin & Berry Vine Block- Jan shows you how to sew together strips of bias fabric, use a bias maker to construct vines, cut fabric from pattern to create 2 pieces opposite of each other and identify fluid thread paths resulting in quicker hand sewing sessions. 

Lesson 10: Flowerbed Block- You’ll learn how to baste leaves to achieve a sharp point and clip and tuck corners for less bulk.

More blocks you will learn to create in this workshop.

In this video, Jan shares the story behind the inspiration for each block in the Pleasant Grove quilt you’ll learn how to make in the workshop. 

Video Translation:

Hi, I’m Jan with Jan Patek Quilts, and I am so excited to tell you about this course. I’m teaching Needle-Turn Appliqué with Jan Patek. The quilts I make are almost always about my life. The house of course represents home and family, flowers and gardening. We live out in the country. Nature is very important to me. You’ll almost always find animals in there. We have to have my dogs and cats. The moons and stars, the stars that are everywhere. There’s almost always flags or eagles that represent our country.  Then the baskets, for some reason, to me always stand for quilting. The pineapples would show up a whole lot, stand for hospitality, which to me, quilting is also about.

There’s probably as many different ways to do appliqué as there are people. Beginners in appliqué should take it. Anybody that’s afraid of appliqué or has had trouble with it in the past. And even people who kind of know what they’re doing and want to pick up some different techniques. Because what I want you to do with this is take what I teach you and adapt it to yourself. I look forward to seeing you in my course Needle-turn Appliqué with Jan Patek, register today.

Needle-Turn Appliqué with Jan Patek Online Interactive Workshop runs from 2/26/2021 to 3/26/2021. Registration ends on 3/12/2021. Sign up today!

Register early and receive $10 with code: APPLIQUE10 – Expires 2/26/2021.