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Love of Quilting TV Show – 1500 Series – Fons & Porter

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Episode 1501: Nothing But Triangles 
In this episode Marianne and Liz share a classic scrap patchwork quilt that even an experienced quilter might take one look at it and think they’re really not sure how it’s pieced together! Even though you may not be used to working with equilateral triangles, they’re actually very easy. On this program you will learn how to tackle a random-appearing scrap quilt, how to join equilateral triangles into larger triangles, and how to make half-hexagon units. Nothing but Triangles is featured in Love of Quilting July/August 2010.

Episode 1502: Spring Flowers
Today’s program features a little quilt called Spring Flowers—a great project for a beginning quilter or (if you’ve been quilting for a long time) a fast, easy project to give as a gift or to decorate your house. It combines lots of different elements (including patchwork, and appliqué) so there are lots of things to learn from this quilt. On today’s program you will learn how to add large triangles to the sides of a quilt, how to window fusible web for appliqué, and how to do machine blanket stitch appliqué. Spring Flowers is featured in Easy Quilts Spring 2010. Click here to download the Spring Flowers Pattern and Appliqué files.

Episode 1503: Geisha Princess – Dress Her Up
Our special guest today is Debbie Lashbrook, a sewing specialist from Texas, who is going to amaze us all by using the embroidery module to do appliqué. It’s absolutely amazing what the embroidery machine can do with today’s technology. On the program you’re going to learn how machine embroidery software can be used to resize a design, how to position appliqué pieces on a hoop project, and how embroidery software can stitch all the elements in place. Click here to download the Geisha Princess design files zip.


Episode 1504: Basket of Flowers
If the thought of doing traditional hand appliqué makes you break out in a cold sweat, we’ve got an easy solution for you. Many of the fabric companies are reproducing applique quilts as preprinted panels, and today’s quilt is an example of a quilt done like that. On today’s program you’ll learn how to embellish a pre printed panel design to make it really special, how to make yo-yos with some new tools, and how to make some three dimensional flowers. Basket of Flowers if featured in Love of Quilting September/October 2009.

Episode 1505: Rosie’s Quilt
We’ve got a really neat pattern to work with today. It goes together fast, it’s a super-quick to make scrap quilt. We’re going to be using a special new ruler to cut and digging in your scrap bag to make this fun quilt. On today’s program you will learn how to use the new large wedge template with strips, how to alternate wedge pieces to make a straight row for a stripy quilt, and how to square up the wedge pieces on the top and bottom of the quilt. Rosie’s Charm is featured in Easy Quilts Fall 2009.

Episode 1506: Garden Fresh 
Our guest for this episode is fabric designer and quilter Gail Kessler (and a wonderful vegetable quilt). On today’s program you will learn how to cut panels and borders for precision, how to strip cut and piece fabrics for quick block construction, and how to plan pressing for better patchwork. Garden Fresh is featured in Love of Quilting March/April 2010.

Episode 1507: Quilts With a Twist 
On this episode we’ll be making quilts with a twist—the quilt we’re featuring today has blocks that twist and turn—they’re very unusual! Most of them aren’t square! On today’s program you’ll learn how to create the illusion of looking through bars or a window at a scene, how to cut focal fabric and background pieces at an angle, and how to frame angled pieces. Zebras is featured in Love of Quilting September/October 2009.

Episode 1508: Quilting for Dimension
Sometimes we mistakenly use the term quilting when we really mean appliqué or patchwork. Our guest today is an expert on machine quilting: Marilyn Badger, who is going to show us dimensional quilting. On today’s program you’re going to learn a unique approach to quilting blocks and borders to add a third dimension to the quilt, how to adapt commercial and cookie-cutter stencils to create this dimensional quilting, and how to easily quilt no mark curved crosshatching.

Episode 1509: Antique Influences
Liz loves antique quilts and often likes to make quilts that look like antiques and so they serve as inspiration for many of the quilts that she makes. Some 19th century patterns are gorgeous but they can be a little tricky to piece (and to draft, if you’re choosing to do that). On today’s program you will learn how an antique quilt can serve as an inspiration, how quilting software can help you replicate a block, and how to paper piece a star block. Download the Antique Influences paper piecing template!

Episode 1510: Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine
Our guest today is sewing educator Debbie Lashbrook. On today’s program you’re going to learn how embroidery software can be used to plan a quilt, how to hoop a project for machine embroidery quilting, and how artists like Debbie are using machine embroidery to create beautiful quilted projects. Download the Geometric Play embroidery files
Download Instructions for Quilting for your Embroidery Machine.

Episode 1511: The Great Cover Up
On today’s program we’re going to quilt as you go. We’ve got a neat project that combines patchwork and quilting in one step—It lets you make a large quilt and get the quilting done on small sections that you later join together. On today’s program you will learn how to make blocks for a quilt as you go project, how to join pre-quilted blocks, and how to cover the seams with decorative trim after you’ve joined your blocks. The Great Cover Up is featured in Easy Quilts Spring 2010

Episode 1512: Three-Dimensional Leaves 
Our guest on today’s program is sewing specialist Eric Drexler who’s going to show us how to make some wonderful projects and how to make three different types of three-dimensional leaves. On today’s program you wlll learn how to make gossamer leaves that will look like the skeleton of an old leaf, how to use free motion stitches to fill in the leaf, and how to make a double-sided leaf by fusing together the wrong sides of two pieces of material.

Episode 1513: Fabric 101
Shopping for fabric for quilts is lots of fun and one of our favorite things to do. It can be kind of overwhelming because there’s so many choices and there’s lots of things a person needs to know about fabric! So there are some things you can do to kind of get a grip on your shopping and maybe do a better job shopping. On today’s program we’ll show you how to identify types of fabrics typically used for quilts, how to choose fabrics to build your own stash, and how fabric placement can impact the look of a completed block. Download instructions for the Variable Star block

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