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Love of Quilting TV Show – 1100 Series – Fons & Porter

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Episode 1101: Nouveau Bargello

Bargello is a traditional needlework technique achieved through shading. Years ago some clever quilters came up with a way to make patchwork bargello. On today’s program Marianne and Liz will be showing you how to choose fabrics for a bargello quilt, how to make tubular strip sets, and how to make your design magically appear by unsewing.

Episode 1102: Flip A Coin

Whether you’ve been quilting a long time or just started its great to find a really easy quilt to make. For the quilt that Marianne and Liz be make in this episode, they will start by choosing a large print that sets the mood or theme for the quilt, a coordinating stripe, and then pick lots of scrap fabrics from your scrap bag that coordinate with the large print and the stripe. On today’s program Marianne and Liz show you how to layer and cut strip sets to save time, how to cut long lengthwise strips, and later are joined by Gerald Roy for “This Old Quilt”. You can find a size chart for Flip a Coin at our Design Downloads page.

Episode 1103: Twice Quilted

On today’s program Marianne is joined by a special guest, Glorianne Cubbage, who’s a terrific young quilter, a quilt book author, and a shop owner! Glorianne will show you how to quilt a quilt twice with two motifs, (which actually makes it easier!). On today’s program, you will learn how to quilt a focus design, how to quilt a fill design, and how to use the designs together in a quilt.

Episode 1104: T-Shirt Quilts

It’s almost an American tradition to own a collection of t-shirts, and we know that most of us do. We all have them, we all love them, and we almost shed a tear when we think that favorite t-shirt is destined to become a dust rag. Marianne and Liz show you how to give your t-shirts a new life! On today’s show they show you how to prepare t-shirts for a t-shirt quilt, how to make this project faster and easier using a serger, and how to chart a design for your t-shirt quilt.

Episode 1105: Monsters in my Closet 

Today’s project is really fun! It has patchwork three-dimensional doors, and is fun to make, it’s easy, and we know you’re going to love it. On today’s program we’ll show you how to use novelty fabrics and photos printed on fabric to make a quilt, how to make door units that open, and how to make machined button holes.

Episode 1106: Thread Scarves with special guest Joyce Drexler

On this episode of Love of Quilting we’re joined by a special guest, Joyce Drexler. Joyce is a sewing specialist, an author and a quilting teacher and an expert on all kinds of thread. On today’s program we’ll be showing you how to use water soluble stabilizer as a foundation for thread work, how to make a scarf from thread, and how to couch yarns for added texture using a specialty foot. Click here to download instructions for Joyce’s cowl neck scarf!

Episode 1107: Let it Snow 

If you love folk art, you’re going to love this adorable flannel quilt. It’s made by Sharon Reynolds and it’s called Let it Snow. It’s just adorable! There are fat little snowman blocks alternating with fuzzy pine tree blocks in this fun two-block quilt. On today’s program you will learn how to do layered fusible appliqué, how to sew buttons on with a sewing machine, and we’ll be joined by Gerald Roy for “This Old Quilt.”

Episode 1108: Birthday Stars 

We quilters find all kinds of handy things at the hardware store, at the grocery store, and the five-and-dime to use in our quilt-making. Marianne picked up a can of spray starch and Liz brings along freezer paper to use in for patchwork in this program. We’re going to make some really cool stars that you draw yourself. In this program we’ll show you how to draw free-form stars, how to use freezer paper for patchwork templates, and how to align and sew irregular patchwork shapes. For instructions on how to create the Layout Board used in this episode, click here.

Episode 1109: Mother May I 

In this episode Marianne and her daughter Mary demonstrate how fabric selections can change the “feel” of a quilt from Marianne’s traditional styles to Mary’s contemporary cool. Marianne and Mary also visit Quiltology in Chicago and you can watch exerpts from their shopping spree at QNNtv.com!

Episode 1110: Quilting Log Cabin Quilts with Marilyn Badger 

On this episode, Marilyn Badger will show us how to use a variety of quilting designs on log cabin quilts, how to mark designs on the quilt using cookie cutter stencils, and how to create unique designs using hand held guides.

Episode 1111: Wrap it to Go 

On today’s program we’ll be showing you how to transform a simple school-type notebook into a terrific gift. Everybody’s looking for a wonderful gift to give their friends and family that’s quick to make—it only takes a couple of hours to do this. On today’s show we’ll show you how to customize and make a handy notebook cover from quilted fabric, how to apply bias binding and finish it quickly with an edge stitch foot, and later we’ll be joined by Gerald Roy for “This Old Quilt”.

Episode 1112: Appli-Crazy with Glorianne Cubbage 

Today Glorianne Cubbage will show us how to use the circle attachment on the sewing machine, how to use decorative stitches for machine applique, and how to cut and join circle blocks to make a fun, innovative quilt.

Episode 1113: Celebrate a New Star 

Today we’re working with a simple three-triangle patchwork unit that just pops up in lots of places when you’re making quilts. One of the ways you can use it is to make a patchwork star, or you can make vertical streaming ribbons. It’s good to know how to make these simple units because you can use them in all kinds of ways. On today’s program we’ll show you how to cut triangles with a half-and-quarter ruler, how to make a patchwork ribbon design, and how to use the ribbon patchwork in a border.

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