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Fresh Modern Quilts: A Rainbow of Color

A few fresh modern quilts

Today in New England is a dreary, cloudy sort of day. While I’m cozied up in the office the outlook is a little gray. To cheer up I’ve pulled out some of my favorite rainbow quilts! These fresh modern quilts all have clean, distinct lines. They pop in their current colorways but are versatile enough to accommodate any color palette.

“Glimmer Glow” by Gigi Khalsa
“Glimmer Glow” by Gigi Khalsa

Shimmer and Shine

Glimmer and Glow” by Gigi Khalsa is a quick sew quilt, thanks to it’s use of precut 2½” strips. Ombré, metallics and dots, oh my! Simple piecing sparkles and shines thanks to gorgeous fabrics and specific color placement. This design takes full advantage of precut 2½” strips with selvage-to-selvage ombré prints, set off by strips of tone-on-tone dots. The construction of this quilt is super simple; the trickiest part is keeping track of color placement. A vertical design wall is extremely helpful for keeping strips and units organized as you sew. Never tried the stitch and flip technique? Check out this blog for tips and tricks to get it right the first time!

“Frenchie Pop” by Stephanie Dicola
“Frenchie Pop” by Stephanie Dicola


Frenchie Pop” by Stephanie Dicola might be the cutest dog quilt I’ve ever seen. Fusible appliqué makes this pattern easy to achieve. Celebrate your pup or a friend’s, or just make this because it’s so darn darling. An exercise in color placement and value this quilt is a great stash buster and can be assembled in a jiffy. I think I would add matching pillows, or a table runner, or maybe I’ll just change my whole decorating theme to puppy?

“Rainbow Swirl” by Destiny Dusosky
“Rainbow Swirl” by Destiny Dusosky

Rainbow Punch

This quilt, by Destiny Dusosky, packs a big punch. “Rainbow Swirl” has amazing movement from the center outwards. The way the points meet in the center sets the quilt spinning, and the rich, lustrous colors pop off the stark white background. I love the use of the black binding to frame this piece of art. This quilt has a large emphasis on purple, but could easily be shifted to highlight the reds or yellows as well. How fun would this be in a foyer, joyfully welcoming guests to your home?

Well now that my dreary day has been filled with dancing rainbows, I feel like it’s time to sew! Grab these patterns and so many more in our online shop! And don’t forget to check out our fresh, modern quilt bundle, available now!


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