Finishing Your Quilt on a Home Sewing Machine with Amy Ellis

Finishing Your Quilt on a Home Sewing Machine with Amy Ellis is the 6-lesson online workshop that offers an abundance of information and knowledge that the home sewist can use to finish quilts! You will learn about Amy’s favorite tools for quilting, and all her tips and tricks for success in your quilting projects. Straight-line quilting and free-motion quilting will be explored, with lots of options for all your quilt tops.

Crosshatch quilting will be a breeze after you take this workshop. 

The class begins by getting to know your walking foot, and how to use it to its fullest extent. Amy will show you how to baste your quilts for beautiful results, and teach you how to mark your quilts so that you have straight lines of quilting. Next, you will dive into free-motion quilting!

Paisley quilt design is only one of many quilting motifs Amy shares in this workshop.

Learn simple to advanced free-motion quilting patterns that you can use in small spaces in the piecing of your quilts, or as an all-over design to finish your quilts quickly. Amy will walk you through each step, and offer lots of encouragement as you begin your quilting journey! Not sure if your machine is capable of free-motion quilting? Amy will walk you through adjusting your tension and settings to make sure you are ready to quilt.

Quilt swirls with ease using Amy’s method.

This video gives you a great overview of what to expect when you register for Finishing Your Quilt on a Home Sewing Machine with Amy Ellis!

Hi, I’m Amy Ellis. Join me for finishing your quilt on a home sewing machine. As an author, quilt and fabric designer, I’ve finished many quilts and the number of them on my home machine. You’ll start by quilting with your walking foot, with some creative ideas beyond just straight line.

Then I will help you to have success with free-motion quilting, to no matter your level of comfort or experience. I have lots of great information and helpful examples to inspire your next quilter creation. Are you ready to finish your quilts at home? Join my class and learn how.

Finishing Your Quilt on a Home Sewing Machine with Amy Ellis Online Workshop runs from 10/22/2021 to 11/19/2021.  Registration ends on 10/22/2021. Register early and save $20 with code: FINISH20 – expires 10/22/21.

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