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Every Stitch Makes a Difference

Celebrate Local Quilt Shop Day on Saturday, January 23, 2021

It is finally time to wave farewell to the patchy year of 2020. When the entire world seemed to “rip” apart due to the pandemic, quilters, and seamstress across three continents labored tirelessly to stitch their communities back together. Indeed, many spent countless hours under sewing machine lights creating tens of thousands of face masks to protect healthcare and front-line workers. When CDC guidelines closed many local retail locations, local quilt shops were boxing up supplies and offering curbside pick-up. Local quilt shops embody the beating heart of sewing communities worldwide. It is fitting to celebrate their efforts and contributions in this first month of this new and hopeful year of 2021.

Local Quilt Shop Day is an annual arts celebration observed this year on Saturday, January 23, 2021, and was created to raise awareness about the importance of independent quilt shops to local economies. To participate is easy. Plan time to visit your local quilt shops in person or online on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, and if you feel inclined, maybe purchase something nice for yourself. After all, it is a nationally recognized holiday. Husbands will understand. Check with your local quilt shop first for hours and times. Due to COVID restrictions, not all local quilt shops have been able to open their brick and mortar front doors, and many are operating entirely online.

If you’re looking for a way to support your local quilt shop that doesn’t involve spending any money, we have you covered as well. Consider these options:

  1. Follow them on social media to help you keep in touch.
  2. Give social media shares and shout outs generously. Liking, commenting, and sharing posts from your favorite small businesses helps give them a significant boost in engagement, which in turn, leads to more visibility.
  3. Leave a positive review on Yelp, Google or other online platforms. Great reviews help to show others how great the business is, and likes on social, will help increase their visibility.
  4. Offer your skills. If you are an accountant, digital marketing specialist, lawyer, just to name a few, a local business may welcome your help.
  5. Practice kindness and patience and reach out to support others in your community.

If your heart is telling you to do even more, join thousands of other appreciative quilters across the world, and post a note of gratitude to your favorite quilt shop on Local Quilt Shop Day’s Facebook page. This year, The Fabric Shop Network is hosting a Global Quilt Shop Love Letter Contest. The promotion encourages thousands of thank you and best wishes to be written for and directed at local quilt shops worldwide.

To participate, and to show your local quilt shop your undying love for their store and their efforts to constantly make your community better, register online at Ten lucky winners will be receive a Valentine Swag Bag, from The Fabric Shop Network, a trade association that represents over five thousand independent quilt shops globally.

Swag is fun, and it is well known that dedicated quilters are totally on board to embrace the greatest and latest quilting goodies. But the real winners The Fabric Shop Network hopes, are independent quilt stores. While many were forced to close their shops and lay off employees during the 2020 shut down, somehow, they managed to push forward, continuing to stitch a difference.

Yes, they made masks, yes, they shipped fabric all over the place, yes, they are simply amazing. Without local quilt stores, the rich character and even the history of our communities would be forever altered. Reach out and visit your local quilt shop. With enthusiastic support from the communities they serve, we hope our local quilt shops will remain forever!

For more information on the Local Quilt Shop Day Love Letter Contest including contest directions and rules visit the Local Quilt Shop Day’s Facebook page.

*Submitted by Kristen Gordon of Fabric Shop Network located in Vancouver, Washington