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The Wait is Over!

Fun, fast-paced, face masks, and full of inspiration… That’s how I’d describe taping the latest series of Quilting Arts TV in just a few words, but it doesn’t begin to cover the scope of this amazing program. After a hiatus due to the pandemic, Quilting Arts TV is back, and we’ve made some changes… for the better.

Quilting Arts TV series 2900 is Available Now!

What’s New with QATV?

This summer, the Quilting Arts TV Series 2900 taping took place in a brand-new location – Golden Colorado. You may notice a few differences on the surface, but it is still the same show you’ve grown to know and love. The art quilts are stunning. The techniques are innovative. And the inspiration? Why, that’s always priceless!

This is the view of the set from the control room. Longarm quilter Carolina Asmussen is demonstrating couching and free-motion quilting on the Bernina longarm machine.

So what’s new?

  • Check out the “set”. Series 2900 features a refreshed studio painted a soft gray color with lots of space to hang quilts. The textured walls add variety, and there is also a space for a table and chairs and room to set up a longarm machine when needed. A central table makes it easy to demonstrate techniques, and a new sewing table is fantastic for stitching.
The cameras captured guests like Valier Goodwin in the best possible light. This image captures what the camera operator sees while filming.
  • Soft camera focus The camera definition has been softened… and results in a more modern aesthetic. You can truly appreciate the art in a whole new light, the depth of the set, and the clarity of the video has been improved.
  • Cue the music! After years of the same theme song, we’ve changed things up a bit. You’ll notice a few different musical interludes as well as an updated opening slide show.
This season, the community of quilters who submit Reader Challenge quilts were invited to play along. You’ll see at least two community quilts in each show.
  • Community quilt segments Every episode in series 2900 ends with highlighting reader challenge quilts straight from the pages of Quilting Arts Magazine. This is a wonderful way to spotlight the work of the art quilting community and took take an in-depth look at the quilts YOU create.
New faces and returning artists were all welcome! Clockwise from top right: Heidi Zielinski, Valerie White, and Denise Labadie all presented multiple segments on the show.
  • First-time guests New series, new artists! Eight fresh faces join the lineup with incredible artistry! We were also thrilled to welcome back two returning guests – Luana Rubin and Lea McComas.
Check out The Glowforge laser cutting machine! It was an amazing addition to the technology on set.
  • Technology Top-of-the-line sewing machines from Bernina; an amazing cordless iron from Panasonic; a terrific Bernina sit-down longarm quilting machine, and a laser cutter from Glowforge… cutting-edge tech was the name of the game!

Our host, Susan Brubaker Knapp has returned this season and helped us find an array of wonderful guest artist new to the series: Margaret Abramshe, Carolina Asmussen, Barbara Beasley, Valerie Goodwin, Denise Labadie, Helen Parsons, Valerie White, and Heidi Zielinski.

Returning guest Luana Rubin shared quilts from her travels, and enjoyed learning about the new segments from the show

Their segments were fascinating and entirely new to this show. They covered everything from intricate hand beading and thread painting, to cutting delicate shapes using a professional laser cutting machine and couching on a long arm. All 13 episodes will leave you wanting more!

What has remained the same?

The good news is that the show continues in its mission of bringing creative art quilt techniques to viewers across the world. Our longtime host, Susan Brubaker Knapp guides the viewer through a vast array of techniques and topics. Plus, we all enjoyed the opportunity to learn from one another, share our stories, and make new friends.

Lea McComas not only taped multiple segments of the show, but also generously invited the guests and crew to her mountain home for a delicious meal, gorgeous sunset, and relaxing respite after a long day’s work.

Behind the scenes, our producer Vanessa Lyman patiently led the team in cerating a thoughtful and thorough program. Managing Editor Kristine Lundblad kept us all on track and helped compile an incredible eBook (it’s free!) with additional supporting material from each episode. And this team – this incredible team – represents hundreds of editing, preparation, and taping hours that made the show possible.

On the last day of shooting, our crew took an impromptu photo. Back row: Hannah Russek, Kristine Lundblad, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Robyn Shipton, Evan Rutherford, Michael Valesco, Jared Maher. Front row: Vivika DeNegre, Vanessa Lyman, Russ Hess. Missing: Jeannine Cook-Delpit, Marteene Diaz, Kerry Jackson, and Paulina Emmons.

Quilting Arts TV is available on your local PBS TV stations, can be streamed on Quilting Daily TV, or downloaded for unlimited enjoyment.

Since its inception, Quilting Arts TV has been supported by our generous sponsors. We appreciate their dedication to our craft and support of our unique show.

Thank you to Bernina, Panasonic, Glowforge, and for their tremendous support.

Susan Brubaker Knapp just loves our sponsors!


Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Quilting Arts TV has been the driving force for promoting art quilting innovation and exploration from the first episode released in 2004 to this newest season. At Quilting Arts, we encourage fiber artists to express their unique vision in cloth, paint, dye, and stitch.

Join us as we make time for contemporary quilting, every day!

Want to watch Quilting Arts TV but aren’t sure where to start?

TV: Visit your local Public Television station’s website to see if the show is available in your area!

Access to All Seasons: Video Downloads or Stream all episodes on Quilting Daily.

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