Beginner Resources for How to Make a Quilt

So, you decided it’s time to make a quilt! Whether this is your first foray into quilting, or you’ve made a few quilts and want to improve your skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Throughout this beginner resource page, you’ll find places for inspiration and learning, plus products that can really help a beginner find their way.

To find ideas, you can browse through the page or take our short two-question quiz so we can help match you to what you are looking for. Enjoy and happy quilting from all of us at Quilting Daily!

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Where can you learn all the steps to make a quilt?

New to quilting? We invite you to learn from our experts. The proven resources on our learn to quilt landing page include videos, written instructions, and tips that will help you every step of the way! Learn from some of the most trusted experts in the industry with this free guide.

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Learning to quilt together

Free Downloads and Patterns

Our team has created over 4,000 quilt patterns and combined has made over 1,200 quilts. We’ve learned a thing or two about making great quilts and writing patterns for quilts that work. These free collections offer trusted instructions and inspiration at the best price, free!

Beginner Quilt Patterns from the Shop

As you’ll find out, quilting is as much math as it is art, and you don’t want to leave it up to chance. Shop these beginner friendly patterns and know that what you’re making is backed by a team of experts with over 286 years of experience!

Build Your Stash with Beginner-Friendly Collections

Pattern collections offer even more value. These special releases will provide you with inspiration and ideas for baby quilts, lap quilts, and any other quilt you are looking to make! Build your stash with these instantly accessible digital collections and magazines.

What tools and supplies do I need?

Making a great quilt means learning to use the right tools and having the correct supplies. We’ve put together a list of the most important tools, supplies, and materials you’ll need to get started. Visit the learn to quilt landing page and go to STEP 3 – TOOLS AND MATERIALS for the list and extra resources. 

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These are the basic and must-have tools for making a quilt.

Free Videos to Watch and Learn

Ready to make your first quilt but aren’t sure where to begin? These free videos will provide you with the knowledge and encouragement you need to successfully make a quilt.

Technique and Skill Building Recommendations

Some parts of making a quilt are trickier than others. When you are ready to dig in, here are some recommended resources to help you watch, learn, and become a better quilter.