Artist Spotlight: Meet Sue King

Sue King is a prolific artist with a deep passion for nature’s beauty and conservation of our natural resources. She loves being outdoors and credits her experiences in nature for her creative productivity and inspiration. We are pleased to feature Sue and her artwork in the Fall issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.

First is an Artist Profile written by Susan Brubaker Knapp. Sue and Susan spoke together about Sue’s childhood inspirations, the artist in residency programs she has participated in, new techniques she is exploring, and the art she is creating as a result of her explorations. Sue says, “I’m only happy when I’m learning new stuff” and that includes serigraphy, cyanotype, deconstructed screen printing, and more.

Also in the Fall issue, Sue dives into serigraphy, a type of printing that uses a template or stencil. Also known broadly as screen printing, serigraphy is the term usually used to delineate art printing from the more commercial styles of screen printing.

Sue provides guidance on creating custom screens, opening so many options for artists to create any size work they want! The sophisticated and beautiful artwork she creates with this technique and her own screens are stunning.

Quilting Arts FAll 2021 cover

And to top it all off, a detail of Sue’s quilt “Big Blue” graces the cover of this issue of Quilting Arts! Watch the video to hear Sue tell the story of this quilt and more about her artistic process.

It was delightful to get a chance to talk to Sue one-on-one and I’m so grateful to her for taking the time! I hope you enjoy listening to our chat.

Happy sewing

IMAGE AT TOP: “Meadow” (detail) by Sue King
Photo by Rob Colgan Photography

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