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Quilting Daily is the most comprehensive collection of marquee quilting resources in the media landscape. Building off the tradition and excellence of established brands including Fons & Porter, McCall’s, and Quilting Arts, Quilting Daily is dedicated to inspiring, educating and equipping quilters of all interests and skill levels. Our websites, online education programs, video services, live events, magazines and books serve to meet the needs of the quilter wherever they may be. Reaching millions of Quilters every single month, advertising with Quilting Daily is one of the best ways to get your message in front of our passionate, dedicated and talented community. With ad packages for companies of all shapes and sizes, we’re happy to work with you to create an ad partnership that puts your company in the spotlight.

Broadest Reach

Quilting Daily holds a sustainable advantage over all others in the market: we have the broadest reach, and our targeted consumer focus can deliver your message just where you want it. Quilting Daily’s brands interact with millions of consumers every year through its popular platforms. As one of our trusted partners, we can offer you an integrated approach to reaching this audience through customized marketing programs that activate brand loyalty and buying decisions to grow your business.

At a Glance

There’s no doubt quilters are as diverse as the quilts they create with various interests and abilities. No single quilting platform will meet the interests of all quilters out there today. Whether you want to reach beginners or experts, traditionalists or trendsetters, with Quilting Daily you can focus on any specific segment, or work with all of platforms and brands to ensure broad coverage across the spectrum.

Our new website and e-newsletter are dedicated to helping quilters maximize their potential in their craft. Through articles, themed galleries, techniques, tutorials, and curated content – Quilting Daily is the destination for quilters to interact with their passion. From signature, multi-platform marketing programs to traditional media offerings, Quilting Daily will take your message to the broadest market of quilters in our portfolio.


Target millions of traditional quilters through our trusted brands devoted to this segment, including: Fons & Porter Love of Quilting, McCall’s Quilting, Quiltmaker, Quilting Quickly, Easy Quilts, McCall’s Quick Quilts. Plus, our exclusive video offerings: Fons & Porter Love of Quilting TV, and our streaming video series My First Quilt and Quilt It!


The fresh and contemporary appeal of the modern quilt movement is on the rise and we’ve got the edge on reaching the modern quilter through our new streaming video series Piece it Modern!


Since it debuted, Quilting Arts has been the magazine for
quilters who want to explore the ideas, techniques and textiles of embellished and contemporary art quilting. And, offering the only PBS broadcast television show, Quilting Arts TV, our art quilting platforms put your brands in front of millions of passionate art quilters.


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